7 Steps To Jumpstart Your Potential (Intro to KeepChange.net)

by admin on November 21, 2014

7 Steps To Jumpstart Your Potential

This is a quick list of things that you can implement immediately to start becoming more effective in whatever you do, as well as increase the quality of your life. Be healthier, feel better, get more done, and realize more of your potential as a human being!

Humans in general are obsessed with progress, and this just grazes the tips of the mountains you might potentially choose to explore. Remember, life is a never ending journey!


1. Check Your Stress

This is the most important issue and hardest to tackle. In other posts we’ll go more in depth on how to do this, but for now just be mindful of what stresses you out. Remember- you are your own best doctor.

An increase in stress can exacerbate any small issues into more serious ones. Muscle tension, breathing patterns, digestion- all of your vital bodily functions and processes are negatively affected if you are stressed. None of the other points below will be of much use if you are chronically stressed out.

Write down the top 3 stressors in your life and move to make a change to lower these stressors. Wound up and on edge everyday from your gridlock traffic commute? In a toxic relationship where your partner is literally sucking the energy out of you like a vampire? Haven’t slept a full one in ages (how many of us have this problem)? You can lower your stress by doing something about it.

2. Respiration

Health and energy can greatly be increased by improving the quality of one’s breath, water, and food.

Humans can (typically) only go 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. In sticking with the purpose of our site in finding the root cause(s) of everything, naturally the root cause of being an effective person is having a healthy body.

Breathing affects MANY functions which are not common knowledge. You can greatly increase your energy and health through improving breathing techniques. Conversely, you can cause a host of physical, energetic, and emotional issues if you have very shallow, constricted breathing.

Breathing affects:

  1. Energy. Try breathing shallow for a minute. Does your energy decrease? How do you feel? Breathing sends oxygen molecules throughout your body, which is necessary for the process of creating energy.
  2. Emotion. Try breathing shallow again. Notice how you feel. Is it nervous, anxious? Breathing deeply into your stomach, through your nose stimulates your parasympathetic (recovery) nervous system. Your body will naturally relax. This is the opposite of a sympathetic (fight-or-flight) response. Try breathing deep into your stomach and see how your emotion changes.
  3. Health. Improper breathing can cause bad posture, tight muscles, and over time contribute to a host of chronic ailments such as injuries, joint pain, heart disease, mental illness… breathing can improve or worsen any ailment really.

Thing is, most people don’t breathe correctly. Your breath is the most important bodily function you can control, as demonstrated by the rule of 3.

We’ll discuss proper breathing in depth in a different post. Since these are the foundations, for now just be aware of your breath and make it a habit to breathe deep into your stomach. Note any changes.

3. Water

As you probably guessed from the rule of 3, next on our list is water.


  1. Hydrates your fascia, making your muscles less tight
  2. Supports natural bodily processes (ie. digestion)
  3. Acts as a lubricant for your many joints and back (dehydration can cause joint pain)
  4. Natural detoxificant (flushes toxins from our body)

Our body is mostly water, so it’s important that we drink the right amount, and get it from a good source! Pass on the fluoride here, as well as whatever else might be in your tap :).

Clean water with minerals will provide vital nutrients to your body, as well as hydration. All of your bodily processes need the proper amount of water (and vitamins/minerals) to function optimally. Drink mineral water or add a pinch of quality sea salt to each glass of filtered water to get more minerals.

As far as taking supplements to get more minerals, natural processes always trump man-made substitutes… natural food and water provides minerals with higher bioavailability (meaning your body will use them vs. peeing them out!). That is not to say supplements aren’t useful sometimes- they definitely are in certain situations… Just in general, nature is the most efficient way to get all you need.

General rule: Drink 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces, per day (a 130lb woman would drink 65 oz of water a day, ideally). 1 liter = 33.8 US oz.

4. Sleep

How many of us are not sleep deprived?

Its said the most regenerative sleep occurs between 10pm – 2am. If you are consistently missing this window, pay attention to how you feel. Our ancestors would typically be asleep by 9pm, most likely earlier- if you’ve ever been through a blackout, weekdays get pretty boring after dark. I remember my most nocturnal friend started going to bed at 8pm when his electricity got cut off for a month.

As we know many of our chronic illnesses are recent developments in the field of medicine. How much does sleep play into this difference?

Typically feeling like you don’t get enough sleep is caused by higher than desirable levels of cortisone (a hormone produced by the adrenal glands) and lower than desirable levels of melatonin (hormone produced by the pineal gland).

Here are some tips to help get those hormones back in balance:

  • Don’t work late into the evening (to avoid stress and white light before sleep)
  • Avoid coffee after 12pm (increases cortisone)
  • Avoid exercising after 6pm (increases cortisone)
  • DO exercise within 60 minutes of waking up (to increase cortisol early and make you alert and awake- and more likely to be tired at night)
  • Eat protein and fat at dinner. A late meal high in carbohydrates will spike your blood sugar and cause a rebound hypoglycemia during your sleep. Rebound hypoglycemia requires increase in cortisol levels- not something you want during sleep.

Find it impossible to fall asleep by 9, 10, 11, etc… pm?

The secret to falling asleep early (and having more energy and getting things done in general) is next on our list to jumpstarting your potential:

5. Rise Early and Exercise Lightly For 20 Min

Rising early (before 6am) is a great experience for someone who is about making things happen. You’re up before anyone else, you have more time to get things done and the peace and quiet to be able to focus on it.

Doing light exercise (like jogging slow enough to carry a conversation) for 20 min as soon as possible after waking will warm up all your bodily processes and get them up and running by increasing your cortisol levels. It will make you awake and alert and feel good! (It’s also a great way to warm up your muscles if you plan on stretching or doing more vigorous exercise later).

There’s no better feeling than rising at 5am, getting a jog or swim in, be able to work in peace for a few hours, and realize its just 10am… Does that make me a workaholic?

6. Real Food

I know many people cringe when they hear the word ‘organic’, and there is much sarcasm and cynicism towards the subject. For many people, organic food is the same thing as commercially raised food, just more expensive.

I used to wonder the same thing…

Bottom line is, if you eat REAL food (unprocessed, grown according to natural practices) you WILL see a difference in your energy levels, mood, and general well being. As a living organism, all of your bodily processes will function at peak levels if you eat what your body was originally designed to eat: natural food.

Processed food with added chemicals means your body will need to expend more energy to break it down- if it even recognizes it and breaks it down. This means tiredness, more stress on your body, possible health issues, and toxins being stored in your body.

“But Eric… organic food is too expensive!”

Imagine your body (and life) is a corporation and you are the CEO. If you can increase efficiency and productivity by 50% or 100% just by increasing monthly spending by 8%, wouldn’t that be a huge win? Not to mention preventing future hospital bills, and being able to confidently choose the minimum health insurance plan (since you won’t need to worry about copays since you won’t be going to the doctor).

Eating real food and being healthy can actually increase your chances for financial wealth (by helping to prevent one of the main causes of severe financial distress)! Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren talks about how one of the main reasons the middle class is becoming poorer is due to catastrophic health events in a family and the resulting exorbitant costs. Watch the video here.

7. Something Important To Do In Life

Some people call this your life purpose, some people call it your calling… it might just be easier to think of it as doing something with your time that is important. What matters to you most? Whatever you want to call it- if you sit down and figure out this most important thing and consistently work towards it, you’ll feel more accomplished and life will more naturally fall into place. I promise.

Most of us spend our time worrying about things that don’t matter, running around in the rat race worrying about getting things done for other people. It’s not that we don’t have other important things in our life going on, its just that we let ourselves become distracted, and put other things in front of what we can do to fulfill our full potential as human beings- to give justice to what it means to be human.

What good are we doing to ourselves, to our family, friends, the people around us, the world… by ignoring our natural instincts, tendencies and drives to hunker down and grind through the typical life society has accepted these days? We’re robbing ourselves, and most importantly the world around us, from the benefits we could bring if we followed our own instincts, developed our own skills, and strived for experiences that would shape us to who we would like to become.

It might be too much pressure or too big of a question to figure out one’s life purpose- but if you figure out what can you do with your time that is important, and decide to take action towards it- you’ll NEVER be bored again. It’ll give you a source of ENERGY and FOCUS that coffee could never give you. It’ll make you excited to get up in the morning. It’s the most important step on our list, and I saved this most important gem for those who chose to read through the whole page.

In discussing having a purpose in life, I’ve had people tell me “There is no destiny or grand scheme of things”… maybe not, but that is just an opinion. Nobody except whatever God you believe in (if you do) has the answer to that. So lets use our own common sense, experiences, and intuition to find the answer for ourselves.

That’s it, hope these 7 Steps gave you some insight and will help you on your path to being more effective at what you do and enriching your life. Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts!





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