Learning to Write a Song With Chord Progressions

by admin on September 9, 2015

Music theory can seem horribly complicated.

IV-III-II-III? B flat minor 7th key?

Breaking your favorite song down so you can understand how to play it can be very frustrating in the beginning.

Musicians created rules (music theory) as sort of the roadmap to music. All the complicated numbers and progressions become simple once you learn the rules.

Further down are some good resources for beginning to understand these rules, so you can not only write good lyrics, but also start writing the music to them.

First off though, lets describe the things we need to learn to write good songs in order:

  1. Learn to write good lyrics. You can do this to existing background music, or write it to chords at the same time (step 2)
  2. Learn to marry good lyrics to chord progressions.
    1. Different artists do this differently. Some write the music first, then lyrics. Some do the opposite. Many write them at the same time. There is no wrong way.
    2. Start by thinking of what genre you want your music to be in, and then think of some songs in that genre that really vibe with you. You can go to HookTheory.com and do just this- they have a tool that tells you the key and chord progression of over 5000 songs.
    3. Common chord progressions in pop music include I-IV-V, I-IV-V, and I-V-VI-I-IV. You can start by choosing a key and then writing in one of these chord progression to get started. Remember: it’s not important to get it perfect, it’s most important to just start creating a song every day!


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